Praying without ceasing – A believers privilege

Pray without ceasing….(1Thess. 5:17)
Trust we have all read or heard these words.
Each time I read those words , I always felt bad because it seemed to expose my own weakness: lack of consistency in prayer. But one day I read and reread that verse until the lord made me understand this:
Pray without ceasing is first your PRIVILEGE before it is a PRECEPT (command).
Can I show you what I mean by privilege my child?
-> You can come to the mercy-seat WHENEVER and WHEREVER you will and I am EVER READY to hear you, speak with you, be with you and dine with you and you with me.
Unlike the Kings of this earth who grant you access (if they deem it necessary) for a limited time, talking to you from a guarded distance, I, your father, the KING of KINGS grants you UNLIMITED HEARINGS at ALL TIMES.
Midnight is not too late for a hearing, dawn is not too early, I am not too busy at noon day, and I do not tire from your constant demands in the evening. Your ACCESS to the mercy-seat is UNDISPUTED and INDISPUTABLE.
Praying without ceasing is a beautiful and joyful PERMIT for my child to pour out your heart at all times, enjoy my presence and the out pour of my spirit, my grace and mercy at any place.
The door to the temple of immeasurable love is always wide open, never to be shut to you who diligently seeks me.
And I hear the lord saying in my spirit today…
“…..O come child, whenever you will and make use of this privilege, come to the treasury of grace that stands open night and day….come”.


I came to Germany (legally) as a nanny working for a German family, taking care of their 3 children. I was in my second year at the university of
Dschang when the opportunity came. Before then my parents had done everything for me to go to the USA (story for another day) in vain. So I travelled to Germany to a family I had spoken to twice on the phone, I hardly knew where I was going to and what will happen to me. Little did I know that God had planned my life out. I stayed with the family for almost a year while I learnt the German language at home. One day, my guest father proposed that I continued my studies in Germany. Unfortunately that was not possible we could not afford the funds (5 million CFA) as affidavit of support for students. I was ready to come back to Cameroon and continue at the university of Dschang. 1 month to my return my cousin who lived in Cologne at the time asked me to come saying he had found a way I could stay. Excited I took permission and went to meet my cousin who told me he could pay a white friend of his that I would marry (on paper only). I agreed (I was not born-again yet at the time 2004). When the man came to see me, hemtold my cousin that he will marry me now for real and that my cousin did not need to pay. Of course my cousin was thrilled but I refused not because the man was not handsome but because I could not marry a man I did not love. My cousin was furious and thought I was crazy to refuse such an offer but I told him I would rather go back than marry the man. So he sent me back to Hamburg to my guest family. of course I did not tell them anything that happened.

Two weeks to my return to Cameroon, my guest parents asked me if I would stay or go back. I told them I had started packing my stuff to return. They said o.k. One week to my return as I came back from town from buying some stuff for the family back home, they called me to the living room and said this: “We have had 4 nanny’s before you and each one came with the intention to stay in
Germany rather than help us as it is in the contract. They highest a nanny stayed with us was 3 months instead of one year. You came and you just belonged to family, you were to work from 9 – 2pm taking care of the kids only but you stood up at 6am, did almost everything, played with the kids even when you didn’t have to, ironed cloths and cooked. We have never known someone like you and most of all the kids love you dearly. We want to ask you if we can ask for your visa to be prolonged so you stay with us another 3 months in order to give time for the kids to get use to the fact that you will be leaving us soon. In return, we will sign the affidavit of support so you can go to the university here”. The rest is history…..
God had things already planned out. I studied here,gave my life to Christ here, married the love of my life here and had my children here. I learnt from that experience that when things seem to be going wrong, don’t worry, God usually is working things out for your good even when you are still lost in the world.

This is my testimony: my God is a way maker. He makes a way where there seem to be now way.

Repent!!! Repent!!! Repent!!!

Enough is enough.
Enough of watered-down scripture
and twisted messages.

Enough of modern and luke-warm Christianity
Of Christianity without repentance
Of repentance without forgiveness,
Of forgiveness without Love,
Of love without action
Of action without Holiness.

The time is Now.
Time to go back,
Back to that old rugged crossed
To be cleansed by the blood of the lamb,
The lamb who was slain for our sins.

Repent!!! Beloved repent and turn away,
Away from the things of this world.

Repent!!! Repent!!! Repent!!!


WOMAN – The crowning touch of God’s creation

God knew that something was lacking in creation and decided to save the best for last. After creating the man and giving him the task of working and taking care of the garden of Eden, God gave him the authority and free will to choose a SUITABLE helper. Man intelligently named all animals, birds and fish but a helper was not found among them.
-> The woman is NOT an animal and SHOULD NOT be treated as such.
-> The woman is NOT an inferior being and should not be treated as such.
-> Man’s intelligence is LIMITED. Adam did not realize that he needed a helper, so he didn’t chose one. So God took matters into His own hands.
Man was formed from DUST
Woman from BONE (rib). Let this sink in for a minute.
-> Bone signifies STRENGTH, RESISTANCE, not easily destroyable
-> Flesh decomposes, BONE /SKELETON does not. Ever seen a person without bones moving? Why because our bones SUSTAIN our bodies UPRIGHT!
-> Woman have strength they know nothing about and hence are not tapping into their inner strength.
->Man (whom God destined to be marry) will NEVER reach His fullest potential until He unites with his BONE (woman).
Adam first exclaims BONE of my bones…..then FLESH of my flesh
-> Men know that women are strong, even though some refuse to admit it.
-> The woman is the Strength of the man.
-> God created all things and said it was good but created woman and said VERY good (Gen 1:31)
The woman is the CROWNING TOUCH to God’s perfect creation. Shaped and designed by God’s own hand.
-> Our womanhood perfectly complements everything else Gd had created. Then God rested.
Woman , there is more to you than your mirror reflects. Reach out to God so He can mould you from the inside out to reach your potential. You are stronger than you know, wiser than your words, more tender than your touch and most of all beautiful (very good) in the eyes of your maker.
*Insight from Gen 2*


We live in a generation were ‘Jesus take the wheel’ is easier said than done. Most often we give God the place of a co-driver, just in case we need Him. We have made Christ a spare tire. A second hand God, our last resort.

I was one of such Christians until I cried out to God and surrendered.

God doesn’t want a retreat – a time when we TEMPORARILY scale back on our sins to focus on Him. He wants our SURRENDER – the unconditional submission and death of our will.

God is not looking for church-goers, He is looking for church BUILDERS. He is not looking for people who are IN the church (the building) but OF the church (The body of Christ).

God is not looking for people who temporarily PARTY IN THE HOLY GHOST on Thursday when it is prayer night and BING on the spirit on Sunday but on Monday put Jesus aside because it’s time to go back to real life. You’ve got work to do.

God’s not looking for those who justify themselves using lose biblical interpretations, selective hearing and out-of-context scripture. He is not looking for self-righteous people, those who think they are all that and more.

God’s not looking for disciples who refuse DISCIPLINE instead God is looking for those who are willing to be pierced right into their being with His double-edged sword separating bone from marrow.

We Christians of today are looking for a gift-giving God, a God who rewards but has no right to rebuke or revoke.

God if you give me this (fill – in – the – blanks), I will quit this (fill – in – the – blanks). And if Jesus does not respond, there is no need to obey. For us Jesus is lord, if He fulfills our every desire. If He doesn’t, He is not.

GOD is looking for people who desire and seek a constant and PERMANENT intimate RELATIONSHIP with CHRIST.

INTIMACY WITH GOD MAKES YOU A FRIEND OF GOD. Intimacy with God is permanent, not temporary. Intimacy of God is a bond that cannot be broken at any time. Intimacy with Christ is a life of worship (when you seek to please God in your words, thoughts and actions) and praise in spirit and truth.

It is impossible for even a healthy body to live without oxygen. God is the air that any Christian should breath. Anyone that lives without God no matter how rich, physically healthy, influential or educated is DEAD. Anyone walking without Christ may be rich, but he is a rich corpse, an educated corpse, an influential corpse, a beautiful corspe….a dead man walking.

Beloved, surrender to Christ today, for He who accepts to die for Christ will live.


“If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man’s religion is worthless” (James 1:26).



This is serious!

One of my biggest battles as a christian has been learning how to control my tongue. I really don’t know exactly when and how I developed the habit but all I know is during my unbeliever days I was known to have a tongue that could sting like a bee, with the venom of  a poisonous snake. Yes you read right! I knew what to say, when to say it and how to say it that will hurt most and I loved it! I loved the feeling of always having the last say, to be right and to let you know it.

As a little girl I was the quiet one. The one who never complained even if i had worked the whole day. My dad once said “Zee I like to send you because you never twist your face”. Growing up and going to boarding school I learnt how to speak out and speak loud. This was great because on the one hand I could defend myself but on the other hand it changed me from this nice and quiet girl to the attacker. It was as if I yearned for someone to step on my toes, so that I could sting and hit hard with my words.

I had struggled with my tongue, my angry words, and disrespect for people who wronged me even as a christian. I desperately wanted to be a woman with a kind and gentile spirit. How could I tame my tongue? What could I do NOT to respond to attackers, gossip, nay Sayers and love them instead? As I sought help from the word of God I found these words from James, who calls the tongue a fire, a world of iniquity, a restless evil full of deadly poison (James 3:6, 8).


That’s serious!

James progresses, saying that although many birds and reptiles have been tamed, “no one can tame the tongue” (James 3:8). Huh? I am condemned with this bad behavior! If no one can tame the tongue, I am stuck in this world of iniquity, I am doomed, so I thought!

Admittedly to bridle the tongue is tough. To have your say/opinion in a trending topic on social media is so in. To gossip about your friend who thought she was all that and more and has now failed woefully is pleasurable. In our generation, if you speak out and speak loud you re the boss. Even we, the believers today don’t pay much attention to sins of the tongue. We so mindlessly commit these “respectable sins” that we don’t regard them as seriously as we do sins such as adultery or murder.

But here is the good news, God reveals to redeem, always had a remedy. He know how to make us holy as He is holy. I soon discovered that to tame the tongue does not mean I should keep my mouth shut and never speak again. James 3:13-18 made me understand that evil behavior comes from “bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart.”

Ah ha! My tongue is not the problem, my HEART is. Jesus said from the fullness of the heart our mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45). Our mouth is driven by what preoccupies our heart. Think about it, why do we  “speak against” others or fellow believers? Most often we do this when we feel insecure. I know for sure that whenever I put someone down, I felt better about myself.  seems putting down another person helps me feel better. But then security should be found in Jesus and not by putting others down.

We complain and rant because we feel frustrated forgetting that God can handle everything if we take it to Him so we don’t need to rant anywhere else.

The link between the heart and tongue cannot be broken. For good or bad, it will always be there. But try this: Before you speak, pause and ask, “Why did I almost say that? What is my motive?” Then honestly submit it to the lord in prayer.

Taming our tongue means dealing with our heart first—not merely avoiding speaking out unkind words. No wonder the words say, no one can tame the tongue. We can’t just cleansed or purify our speech or words but we can cleanse and sanctify our hearts. The moment we fill our hearts with those things that please God, the result is obvious: an out pour of good,blessing and kind words.

May God give us grace to bless and not to curse.






I couldn’t go to bed today without sharing this testimony of what God is doing in our midst.

My heart is filled with joy, my soul cannot stop praising the lord. Who are my that you are mindful of me? Who am I that you would chose to work through me? Who am I that you would use my voice to help someone who has been hurting for years to find peace and joy? Who am I lord?

Who am I that you would use my hands to heal the sick, comfort the weary and broken hearted? Who am I that you decided to send me to impact a whole community. I cannot begin to comprehend your faithfulness. You gave the vision and the provision. You gave me strength to hold on, to fight on, to carry on, to pray on and to lead on, to belief, to have faith and today you have shown me that you are real. Oh how my soul blesses the name of the lord.

You called me a messenger, you said go, and start a choir, name it “Hearts & Voices” because a revival is coming to Bornheide. You guided me by the power of your spirit to accept all who came, whether christian, Muslim , atheist or buddhist. No one comes to the lord except you call them and Indeed you called them one by one. You sent single mothers, wives with Muslim husbands. There came those who were depressed and burn-out, another had lost her son by suicide, and then a drug addict whose son had been taken away by social service. Yes they came and I kept asking myself how was I to deal with this? I had lead a choir before but not one with members like this. This was beyond me, I thought to myself back in 2014. I can’t handle this by myself so I stepped back and you stepped up.

You orchestrated the meeting with the very first member, then we were three and then we were 5 but then 2 left us.They said they couldn’t take it anymore, they kept hearing the name of Jesus all they long even in their sleep. They were scared so they left. Then you sent many more, 10, 12, 13 and the number increased.

For a year and a half they sang about your son Jesus even though they did not know or accept Him as savior and lord, they came every Wednesday to praise your name, we did not begin with prayer, we did not end with prayer but we sang about you. Some christian friends questioned why I had Muslims in a gospel choir and why we didn’t pray before we started. But the HOLY SPIRIT told me “my ways are not their ways so be still and know that I am God”. Little did I know what your plans were.

There were days when I almost gave up, the fights between members were too tough for me I cried and yet you gave me a shoulder to lean on and reminded me of the vision, the REVIVAL. You reminded me that your son gave up His life for them and He (Jesus) was worthy of themir lives. You reminded me that Jesus loves them.

8 months later, we had our very first concert infront of a crowd of more than 150 people. visitors said I did a great Job of gathering the forgotten, the less priviledged of our community as a choir. Shortly after that concert, one member said since we are a gospel choir, we need to start and end with prayer. I almost cried because it came from someone who had categorically denied Christ previously. I knew my God was up to something.

Who would have thought that people who completely denied Jesus would trust him, belief in him and put their hope in him. Today the testimonies overwhelmed by testimonies. One of them testified that after we talked 4 months ago, the status they possessed have been removed and they are glad because they want to serve the only true God. Another testified that during their stay in the clinic, they didn’t get any medication but kept singing our songs and called upon the name of the lord who declared they are healed.
Others say being in the choir is heaven and there is no other place were they find comfort and peace except during our choir time. I cannot not write down all but I am marveled at what God has done.

For the first, we sat down to really pray for each other. They say we are now a family in Christ. They say we should meet once a month to pray and eat and be together. I am lost for words. It took a year and a half but my God is always on time. His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts.

I don’t know exactly what God will do next, but I know that He is with me, with us and He will do beyond our imagination. HEARTS are being touched and VOICES are raised in acknowledgement of your deity and KNEES BOW at the sound of the name of JESUS proclaimed as we WORSHIP and PRAISE in the choir.

To God be all the glory and honor and exaltation.



I woke up to sad news of killings in France and though it breaks my heart for those concerned, I am not surprised nor shocked. Why? Because this is in line with what Jesus said in Matthew 24. Terrorists killings, are among the list of what will happen during THE SIGNS OF TIMES and THE END OF THE AGE.
Jesus said
“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places…” Matthew 24:7)
Jesus said “this are the beginning of sorrows” (v.8).
Beloved,  this is just the beginning, Christ made it clear, that the worst (the tribulation) is yet to come and that is not only a fact, it is THE TRUTH! Over the past years, there has been an increase in these sorrows nearly all over the world. Think it won’t reach you? THINK AGAIN. So long as you live in this world, you will witness this sorrows one way or the other and there is no where to run or hide.
Now as you say “may their souls RIP (Rest In Peace)”, think about this: the soul can only rest in peace, if you “rest” in Christ while alive. Why? Because peace is found in Christ and Christ alone, not the peace the world offers from worldly and material things, not peace in any other god or anything else (see John 14:27). When you acknowledge that Christ is worthy of your life as a reward to His sacrifice on the cross, when you ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you and help you live a holy life, when you “divorce” from this world and conform rather to the ways and will of God, then you will find peace for this life and peace for your soul in life to come.
Beloved, there will neither be forgiveness of sin after death nor repentance in the grave. The time to run to Christ in today, right now, this minute! Not because you are afraid to die from a terrorist attack but because of the unwavering love of Christ for you, you are priceless and so valuable in His eyes, so much He was willing to take your place on that cross, conquer hell and death and resurrected to give you life.
Now Jesus is speaking to you saying: if only you will love me back and follow me, you need not be afraid of those who (may, can , will) kill the body but cannot kill your soul (Matthew 10:28) because I will take control of your life and give you the strength you need to follow me until the end!
So how are you preparing your soul today? What is your soul being nourished with right now? God can give you the peace you need now to continue on life’s journey without fear or panic to do His will till the very end and you can RIP to enjoy eternity in the presence of the Lord after you depart from the earth. But here’s what Jesus is asking you to do RIGHT NOW, it is not too late YET!
“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls”.


It is amazing how God cares for His own. The bible tells us that God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. But God knew even before He formed man that it is not good for the man to be alone and so God planned to make a helper suitable for him.

What amazes me is the fact that man went about God’s business in the garden and didn’t know or realize that he needed a helper. Even when Adam was given the job of naming the animals, he did not name any animal Eve. God brought all the animals to see what he will name them. In other words if man had named any of the animals woman, it would have been signed and sealed but he did not.

But God who knows the future, who knows our needs, knew that He has to give Adam a helper, a wife, a friend, someone with whom he will start filling the earth. This is what God did; He “…caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man”.

Amazing isn’t it. Adam didn’t ask, pray or fast for his needs to be met, God caused him to relax, to chill, to rest, to be in a sound deep sleep while He (God) prepared to surprise him with a wife, a partner, a lover, the mother of his children and his suitable helper.

Get this Adam was not lovesick, he did not feel longer, or tell God he needed a wife. But was pleasantly surprised at the bone of his bones after an afternoon nap.

Beloved, it’s that easy for God to meet that need. All it takes is a twinkle of an eye and that problem is solved. Maybe you don’t know what you need to succeed but know this while you go about God’s business, He is in the business of bringing you a large surprise while you chill. How cool is that? Awesome!!!

So don’t you worry what this life can offer, no don’t worry about a thing. But seek first the kingdom and righteousness and ALL other things will be added to you.

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all


‭‭1.Genesis‬ ‭2:8, 15, 18-23‬ ‭NIV‬‬

2. Matthew 6:31 NIV



If you intend to travel abroad, one of the most important documents you have to make is a PASSPORT. Next, you need to go for an interview, hopefully get your visa, book a flight and then hope that the plane and pilot will take you to your destination safely.

It is almost the same when preparing to go on this journey. The journey to heaven. The bible says no one comes to God unless the father calls them. When we answer the fathers call to REPENTANCE and SURRENDER our lives and COMMIT to walk under the authority of the King of Kings, we belong to THE CALLED.

Repentance and giving ones life to Christ is a prerequisite for salvation. When we repent, we automatically get the “passport” and when we are baptised to symbolize our REPENTENCE we get “the visa” to heaven. But then repentance and baptism only does not guarantee that we would be among those who will reach our destination: HEAVEN.

Though a very necessary document in preparation for a journey, your passport alone will never take you anywhere. You still need a plane and most importantly a pilot who knows the hocks and crocks of the journey and can take you to your destination without a fatal crash!

Repentance and baptism are prerequisites for salvation but not a garantee to enter heaven. We must be CALLED and CHOSEN!

You can’t repent and confess Christ today but continue to live the same sinful life, Christ shed His blood to save you from! You cannot confess Jesus as your lord and savior, yet continue to serve the devil. You cannot say that Jehovah is God, but bow down to fame and fortune, hate and sexual immorality, you can’t belong to light, yet live in darkness.

With Accepting Christ as lord and giving Him dominion over our lives comes the privilege of gaining access to the Kingdom of God but with it comes the responsibility of living in step with the spirit of God. It requires that we live a life that is worthy of our repentance by making a 180 degree turn from our old sinful ways and making Christ the pilot of our lives while being transported by the Holy Spirit.

To be chosen, the genuineness of our faith though tested by fire should be found to praise, honor and glorified God at the revelation of Christ Jesus.

For many are called but few are chosen. Are you going to be amongst the chosen?



Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; as obedient children, not conforming yourselves to the former lusts, as in your ignorance; but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.” And if you call on the Father, who without partiality judges according to each one’s work, conduct yourselves throughout the time of your stay here in fear; knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold, from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your fathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.

Since you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart, having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever, (I Peter 1:13-19, 22-23 NKJV)